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About the Blog

Lawyers are notoriously terrible with money. Many of us take on massive student loans to get our degrees and enter a profession known, at best, for flashiness and lifestyle inflation. Even with extraordinarily high-paying jobs, many of us become trapped in the "golden handcuffs," finding ourselves unable to escape the rate race and living paycheck to paycheck despite the cushy salary. 

It's understandable. The legal profession treats its workers terribly, leaving little time and energy to focus on savings and strongly incentivizing us to spend money on convenience and pleasure to maximize the small amount free time we have. 

FIREd Lawyer is my journey to break the cycle. After grinding to and through law school, a clerkship, and a year at a law firm, I'm ready to start living my life on my own terms and stop being on call 24/7. 


I take a balanced approach -- I won't be living with three roommates and eating only rice and beans so that I can retire on $28,000 a year by age 35. Rather, I'm spending on things that genuinely bring me happiness, cutting furiously everything that doesn't, earning income from side hustles and investments, and investing everything left over with the goal of regaining control over my time. 

Come join me and learn from my successes and inevitable mistakes. 

About the Author

Brigid Friedman is a first-year associate at a midsize law firm in a midsize city. After grinding it out in work and school for her entire life, she's disillusioned by the "prize" of a relatively high-paying, high-stress job that requires her to be constantly on call. Although Brigid generally enjoys the work she does (she's lucky to have found a "unicorn job" that pays well and helps people), she's tired of the overwhelming majority of her time consumed by the whims of the partners she works for. Brigid started this blog so other lawyers can watch a colleague strive for and (hopefully) achieve financial independence.  


Questions or comments? Let's connect. 

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