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Surpassed My First FIRE Milestone!

Excited to say I hit a net worth of $50,000 today. Of course I'm still tremendously far from my FIRE numbers (even my Coast FIRE number is $325k), but I'm celebrating this win. Even though I'm behind many of my peers pursuing FIRE, I believe I'm ahead compared to most attorneys who, at this stage, are often still burdened by six-figures of debt. So I'll take a W where I can!

Next milestone: either debt-free or 75k NW. (FWIW, my remaining $5,000 in debt does not begin accruing interest until 1/1/23, so there's not much of an incentive for me to rush to pay that balance off.)


Hi, I'm Brigid Friedman

A young lawyer's honest journey to (hopefully) financial independence.

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